Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal ? 


This is How Dr Lubna Describe Tattoo Removal Technique 

” At Last A Proven System For Removing tattoos With Minimal Discomfort and Virtually no Risk  ” 


Tattoo Removal is increasingly becoming a topical aesthetic issue in modern society . 

Decorative Tattoos have a history dating back from ancient times. Currently , almost twenty percent of people in the united status have tattoos and the number is still growing . 

for the younger generation, tattoos are considered a symbol of freedom , but with advancing age, more and more wish to remove them because of the negative connotation associated with Tattoos are also removed simply because of an individual’s desire to replace the exciting tattoo with newer design. 

Doctor Lubna Add More that How are tattoos removed and What’s easy Way With Her . ? 

Medical Lasers use a beam of light to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. when the ink particles absorb the light from the laser , they are broken up into fragments and then absorbed through your body’s immune system. 

this process generally takes a few weeks, the larger the tattoo, the more sessions it will take to break down the ink particles . 

Doctor Lubna Add more about the most asking question that 

Is tattoo removal has any type of side effect ? 

Occasionally , a Whitening of the skin may occur. However, normal skin tone should return withing 6-12 months following your last treatment session. Since the ink used in tattooing can vary from tattoo to tatoo, some patients have  only partial clearing even after several sessions .