What’s The Spectra? Spectra peel By Dr Lubna

Spectra is used in the treatment of

  • Acne
  • Melasma
  • Open pores

The Spectra pee  is not actually a true ‘peel’ as it uses laser technology. The Spectra (by Lutronic) is a new application of a laser device and works by peeling the superficial skin using laser energy. The Spectra Peel regenerates collagen production, achieving a fresher and younger complexion with more pliable skin. Many patients choose the Spectra Peel for the vast range of benefits that the treatment offers: it can reduce all types of acne, regenerates collagen, softens skin tone, evens the colour of the skin, removes surface discoloration, lightens spotty pigments and melasma, decreases pore size and can reduce fine lines, wrinkles and also acne.

This new type of peel is suitable for all ethnicities; all patients, regardless of their skin color, can be treated with the Spectra Peel. Unlike the conventional ‘chemical peels’, the Spectra Peel treatment involves no chemicals which could potentially cause an adverse reaction to the skin; there is no risk of infection, bleeding or scabs on the skin which can occur after laser resurfacing; and there is no harsh sanding of the skin which we find with dermabrasion. Most patients describe the procedure as virtually painless; sometimes you may feel a bit of heat when the laser beam hits the skin but it is otherwise comfortable. Another attractive bonus to this treatment is that there is no downtime and patients have the option to return to daily activities immediately after the Spectra Peel.

Note: Like all laser treatments, the Spectra peel will require more than one treatment for optimal results, and its benefits are not permanent. While you will see improvement in your acne and overall skin appearance right away, it may take 4-6 treatments to achieve your best results. What’s more, periodic treatments will be needed to maintain these results.